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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

It's been a while

It's almost 3years since I posted in my blog and I thought it was about time I started it up again. As some of you may be aware since I last posted I have been very busy with my nursery DARGEM carnations which is now in its fourth year in business as well as still working full time on the railway. In the last 3 years I've still been keeping my hand in with the chrysanthemums but it's about time I took it seriously again and set my stall out to grow.
I am now making plans for growing next season. I will be growing a mixture of section 1 & 2 (large & medium) exhibition blooms, as I get things in place I will update my blog.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Worksop Show 13th November

I took 6 blooms to Worksop show this weekend, 3 x silver gigantic, 1 x amber gigantis and 1 x yellow phil, not only did I win the class but I was awarded a NCS certificate of merit for my efforts.

My First National

WOW, what more can I say my first national and what an experience it was. I entered flowers in the 3 large and 1 large in the restricted class and the 3 large for Doncaster society, I won all 3 classes. After I had come down from cloud nine I went to see my mentor Andy Wickham's entries. Andy had won the 12 large and the 18 large, his winning entry in the 18 was judged to be the best exhibit in show and was awarded The Bentley Trophy.

Andy's 18

A look down the Japs

Thursday, 11 November 2010

November 3rd Barnsley Show

I made an entry at Barnsley show in the 3 large and or medium exhibition class, There were 3 entries in the class and I was beaten by Terry Wombell (National Medium Exhibition Bloom Champion), so I was happy with this result.

October 30th, 31st Update & Doncaster Show

This weekend brought my societys (Doncaster & DistrictChrysanthemum Society) show. I managed to cut 4 flowers, 3 x bronze gigantics and 1 x Elizabeth Shoesmith which I entered 2 x bronze gigantis and 1 x Elizabeth Shoesmith in the 3 large exhibition bloom class and the other bronze gigantic went in the single large exhibition bloom class.


My single bloom entry was awarded best large or medium exhibition bloom in the show. I was over the moon as it was my first show and to walk away with that award was amazing.

A few photos of the show

Above the novice classes, very well supported


As you can see its was a great show with some very good growers exhiting, Gorden Kirby, Rodger Brownbridge, Albert Teather & Barry Hogg to name just a few.

My thanks to all exhibitors for making this one of the best late shows I have seen at Doncaster.

October 7ths Update

Blooms were opening very slowly at this stage



Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Weekly Update

From now on I will be posting pictures so you can see the blooms develope.

Dukes.......................................Mystery Flower


Gigantics.................................Elizabeth Shoesmith


Phils..............................................Lanc Lad & Jessies